Conclusion of a contract

 For all business only the conditions of Gloria Events S.L.U. The content and scope of the lease correspond to the written order confirmation by Gloria Events S.L.U. Deviating or supplementary agreements are only valid if they are confirmed by Gloria Events S.L.U.

Rental Rates

The rental price of an item is determined on the basis of the currently valid price list excl. IVA and transport / construction and is valid for one day of use. For the second day of use we charge 50% of the rent; thereafter 25% will be charged for each day.
Transport costs include delivery and pickup at ground level. The renter must ensure that the access road is accessible. If this is not the case or if the material is not to be unloaded directly, additional costs will be incurred depending on the effort. For deliveries or pick-up before 8.00 am, after 6.00 pm, on Sundays and public holidays, an additional 30% of the transport costs will be charged
Gloria Events Consell S.L.U. reserves the right to exchange equipment that is out of stock for equal or higher value equipment.
The renter is obliged to count the material upon receipt and to report incompleteness or damage no later than 2 hours after receipt by telephone at 634 693 868 or by e-mail. Otherwise, the delivered quantity is considered correct.



A deposit of 30% of the total rental price is due upon conclusion of the contract, payable by credit card, bank transfer or cash. Any loss, damage or incorrect return will be deducted from this deposit. Upon correct return of the rental property, the deposit will be paid by Gloria Events Consell S.L.U. paid back to the tenant as soon as possible.



The total rental price must be paid in full by the time of delivery at the latest.




The tenant is liable during the entire rental period for the rental properties. The renter is responsible for loss and damage
This also applies to damage caused by third parties or force majeure, such as fire, storm, storm, hail, water, burglary, theft, vandalism and terrorism. If the damage can still be repaired and the cost is not higher than the replacement cost of the item, the renter must replace the repair costs. In all other cases the replacement value will be charged to the renter. The tenant is liable to us for claims of third parties, which they can assert against us for damages resulting from the use of the rental object. Gloria Events Consell S.L.U. shall never be liable for delivery or pick-up damage at the place of delivery if this is caused by the transport of the material on staircases or doors. Gloria Events Consell S.L.U. shall never be liable for direct or indirect damages incurred in connection with the use of the rental property by our employees, by third parties engaged by us, by faults and / or defects of any kind in the rental property or by other causes attributable to us, unless the damage was caused by intent or gross negligence on our part; in this latter case, our liability is limited to an amount equal to the agreed rental price. Injury damage, operational damage and / or damage due to loss of profit are completely excluded from our liability.


The rental property is not insured. The liability is transferred to the tenant as soon as he receives the rental property. Gloria Events Consell S.L.U. recommends insuring the rental property for the duration of the event including the duration of the construction and dismantling.
The Gloria Events Consell S.L.U. Gloria Events Consell S.L.U. does not make timely provision of the leased object or the timely collection or other non-timely fulfillment of obligations towards the lessee. shall not be charged, if this is the result of force majeure, including in any case: bad weather, fire, explosion or leakage of dangerous substances and / or gases or related risk, failure of the lessee or third parties such as suppliers or transporters, illness of not easy to replace personnel, occupation or blockade or official measures and terrorism.




Cutlery and dishes
The material will be delivered cleanly and hygienically packed and must be ready for collection of grease and food scraps in the appropriate containers. For extreme pollution we charge a surcharge of 30% of the rental price. The renter is liable for loss and damage.

Table linen

Unless otherwise agreed, the renter is responsible for placing the tablecloths. When returning the table linen, it must be free from food scraps and be kept dry in the appropriate containers.
On the photos in the catalog or the Internet, slight color deviations may occur.
The renter is responsible for damage caused by cigarettes, firecrackers, wax and other improper use of table linen.

water damage
The renter is obliged to protect wooden tables, cushions / cushions and materials that are not waterproof from any rain.

The renter must ensure that tables and chairs are collapsed when at the pick-up point (at ground level), otherwise Gloria Events Consell S.L.U. may charge additional costs in the amount of the expenses.



Cancellation up to 24 working days before the beginning of the rental period is possible in written form, eventually costs incurred may be charged by Gloria Events Consell S.L.U. be billed.
For a cancellation of less than 24 working days, we charge 50% of the total rental price.
For a cancellation of less than 10 working days, 80% of the total rental price will be charged.



Gloria Events Consell S.L.U. reserves the right, at any time, to make photo productions, video recordings, etc. for the purpose of marketing purposes in places where the lessor's rental material is available.